In vitro


Phase 1 & 2

πŸ’° Acquired funding & 🎫 Admitted to NLS

October - 2023

Acquired soft funding of 50,000 DKK from Mikrolegat which has an essential role in our journey toward the in-vitro studies, covering costs related to materials and equipment.

Admitted to attend and represent Milky Way Biotech along the Nordic Life Science day (NLS) in Copenhagen on the 29th and 30th of November providing us with an excellent opportunity to connect with potential partners and investors.

🎫 Admitted to EVP & πŸ”¬ FELASA certificattions

August - 2023

Was admitted and completed the European Venture Program (EVP) taking place in Munich and Copenhagen in August of 2023. The EVP program enabled us to connect with and get inspired by other ambitious persons in the field of entrepreneurship, and take learnings within inclusion, interviewing and pitching strategy.

Three of our science team members acquired FELASA certificate, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge for being involved in in-vivo studies.

🀝 Established a new mentorship & 🧬 Finished 1st version of AAV capsid construct

July - 2023

Established Mentor relationship / collaboration with: Kamilla Rolsted (Health Innovation Business Strategy) CBO of Pephexia Therapeutics ApS, and Petteri Heljo (Drug discovery and oral formulation researcher at Novo Nordisk).

Designed the 1st version AAV capsid construct dedicated to treat genetic lactose intolerance in July of 2023.

🀝 Partnership with ThermoFisher

June - 2023

Established a partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific along with being admitted to the JumpStart for Biotech program enabling us to purchase equipment, materials with 50% discount, and being consulted by laboratory data analytic, and AAV gene expression system experts.

πŸ’° Acquired funding & πŸ’Ό Registered CVR

April - 2023

Acquired soft funding of 25,000 DKK from Mikrolegat, and 50,000 DKK from Bioinnovation Institute. The contribution of Mikrolegat and BII to our project is essential in terms of acquiring the necessary documentation, materials, and equipment for our in-vitro studies.

Registered Milky Way Biotech ApS with a CVR number.

πŸš€ Completed a start-up accelerator

March - 2023

Was admitted and completed a start-up accelerator program along the Spring period of 2023: DTU Skylab Ignite, KU Health Innovators, and Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark program. Both programs made a strong contribution to establishing network within the Danish start-up ecosystem, and setting up our business and pitching strategy.

🀝 Established a competent team

February - 2023

Established a dedicated team with a diverse set of skills, a shared mission, and intention to be involved full time in the project.

Performed customer validation along surveys and interviews with lactose intolerant individuals shining light on a common need for a long term solution and the decreased quality of life that many have to cope with.

🌱 The seed that started it all

January - 2023

Patrik and Mario materialized their idea of curing genetic lactose intolerance by establishing Milky Way Biotech as a Danish start-up project, being driven by making a positive impact in the health and wellbeing of millions of people.

Our commitment in eradicating lactose intolerance is fueled by a dedicated team of experts who bring diverse skills. We invite you to join us in this journey, whether you have questions, ideas, or simply wish to connect. Your passion and skills can be the driving force behind a brighter and healthier future.
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